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17 July 2020 @ 01:09 pm
An Intro Post
 Because, I think, this is necessary.


Yo! Esther here.

Okay... I don't know what to say. XD
I'm not good with introductions. Sorry.

So how did I become a fangirl?
Well it was all because of one of my best friends.
She made me watch Tegomass' Kiss Kaerimichi No Love Song PV and I fell in love with the lyrics!
Then she shared Arashi to me and loved the group very much.
But my J-pop fandom stopped for a year and I really regret that I stopped!! TT^TT
 But now I'm totally back on the track! ;D
Thanks to my roommate/high school classmate/still classmate in college. She shared Hey Say Jump videos to me.
Then I totally fell in love with Yabu when I watched their 08-09 tour, especially, during the school act when he said "sekaii."
Hahaha. That was enough to capture my heart. XD
Can't dare to be gone again.
So I'm relying on you guys.
Feel free to add me.
Just comment here.
: dorkydorky
: You gotta more- Hey Say 7